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On June 17th, 2015, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine had registered a non-profit organization “PHARMVARTA”. Among its founders are civil society activists, journalists, ecologists, sportsmen. Denis Shevchenko known at the Ukrainian pharm-market as a multiyear executive director of the Association “PHARMUKRAINE” was elected as the Head of Organization.

The main aim of the Organization: to facilitate the buildup of civil society in Ukraine oriented on the development of European values especially in the field of health care and pharmaceutical sector; to promote the modern standards of medical treatment; to assist in combating the corruption in the health care; to inform the society about the actual situation in the country in general as well as in the certain branches of national economy in particular.

The main tasks of the Organization:

  • Monitoring and research of the situation in the field of health care in general as well as in pharmaceutical sector in particular especially about overpricing, false tenders, illegal stimulation of doctors, trade of the forbidden goods, non-prescription sale of the prescription medicine, etc. Informing of the legal authorities, representatives of the civil society and mass-media about such cases.
  • Participation in the development of the state policy of the branch via accessing the consultative and advisory organs, expert commissions, public councils, etc. by the appropriate organs of the state authority. Public expertise of the normative legal documents and offering the proposals concerning their altering and supplementing.
  • Launching of the proper informational product in the Internet as well as at other platforms for wide informing of the general public and mass-media about the situation in the field of health care, innovations in the pharmaceutical sector, situation with prices for medicine, their quality and availability, pharmaceutical specifics, etc.
  • Taking steps in consolidation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, assisting the army and civilians who were forced to abandon their homes as well as support of the volunteer movement. Involving the famous, powerful and well-off people into charity and volunteer movement.
  • Wide cooperation with foreign and other organizations having similar aims and tasks.


Guarding the people’s health

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